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Sister Talk, REAL Talk!

Real Women. Real Issues. REAL Talk!

Mar 26, 2018

#UnapologeticallyMe - As women, we refuse to apologize for being strong, powerful, intelligent, creative, and brilliant. We will not shrink back because you are uncomfortable with our greatness. We will not seek your permission to be great, nor we will apologize because we don't fit your stereotype. We are and will...

Oct 10, 2017

Sister Talk, REAL Talk! Season 2 is coming and we have some exciting news!

Check out the video to find out more!!

Sep 26, 2017

STRT-Episosde 12-Did You Choose or Were You ChosenIn your relationship, were you chosen? But wait, you're already married or in a committed relationship, so of course you were, right? Or...were you? Is everything in your relationship a challenge? Are you a priority and feel that you are #1 or does it feel like you have to struggle for that place in your relationship?...

Aug 21, 2017


We heard you!!! Oh, did we hear you! We had you thinking, upset, having all kinds of feelings, conversations, and thoughts from what we said in our last episode. We're back with Part 2. If you think Part 1 got you thinking...buckle-up for Part 2!

In your relationship, were you chosen? But wait, you're already married...

Jul 26, 2017


STRT - Episode 11 - Sports Season

It's that time of year season is about ready to start, baseball is getting ready to go into the playoffs, and some ladies end up being football widows! How should we handle those Sunday, Monday, & Thursday football times? What if we miss our man?

Listen in to my guest JC and me and hear the...